Protecting your asset

Property makes up some of the most expensive assets that we hold, and like any asset, it requires ongoing maintenance. We have a firm belief in quality maintenance works that support the longevity of your property asset. There are some key fundamentals to the purpose of ongoing maintenance work:

  • It keeps properties in functioning condition, and maintains tenability, eliminating any vacancy and loss of income
  • Retains the condition of building fabric and prevents deterioration which may lead to costly replacement or further issues due to material failure
  • Maintains the aesthetic of the property, making the dwelling more attractive to prospective tenants, and puts the property owner in a better position to sell the asset, removing the need for costly repairs or pre sale works, or exposure to losses in sale negotiations taking into account necessary repairs.

Clarus Maintenance core services

Reactive maintenance and make goods

From time to time things unexpectedly break down and fail, this is why our dedicated team of professional maintenance technicians are ready to conduct any maintenance works that occur in a quality and cost effective manner. There may also be the requirement to refurbish, make good or renovate a property prior to tenancy changeover or sale of property. We are fully licensed to complete these works to assist in delivering the best result for your next move.

Inspect - report - plan

Allow us to identify maintenance risks, prioritise their urgency, estimate the cost of repairs, and produce a custom maintenance schedule and cost plan to keep your property serviceable.

Implement planned maintenance

Whether you have a pre-existing maintenance plan, or need us to develop one for you, we are equipped to implement planned maintenance works based on their risk to your asset. This includes maintenance works to ensure safe occupation and tenability of the property, items that may pose future risk to your bottom line, and preventive maintenance items to ensure the property remains serviceable

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